Sailing Magazine - Sailors Among Us Tue, 16 Aug 22 00:00:00 -0400 en hourly 1 Making sailing a cottage industry - California sailor Paul Keever discovered sailing and found a career in helping others discover it Most sailor’s origin stories have a few things in common, from Optimist prams and junior sailing programs to family cruises and local yacht club races. They usually don’t begin with high-performan...]]> Sailing with polar bears - Paul Souders needed a motorsailer to take him to the cold waters where the subjects of his photography live, so he learned how to sail Seattle resident Paul Souders didn’t start out as a sailor. In fact, he didn’t really start out as a water guy at all; he was simply a professional photographer who had grown dissatisfied with his...]]> Just go sailing - A family raised on the water preaches that life is short; go sailing As we age, we’re able to look back and see the little twists of fate that had massive reverberations in our lives. Mary Orme Ellis knows this better than most. When she was a 19-year-old college student in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, she started dating a young man with a sailboat, and her life was forever changed....]]> Teaching sailing one vet at a time - A Key West ASA school specifically geared to veterans required a vision and a bit of imagination to get off the ground As the American Sailing Association’s affiliate representative, Elbert “Ash” Ashbaugh sees a lot of sailing school applications come across his desk. Many are from schools that have been successfully operating for awhile, complete with professional offices, insurance and the right boats for teaching; he might be able to get their applications ...]]> A circuitous route to the sailing life - This Chicago man didn’t grow up sailing, but it became a passion he’s passing on to his family Like a sailboat, life never moves in a straight line from the starting line to the finish. It also has a tendency to blast you with roaring winds, strange currents and a startling array of unexpected circumstances, which means you’ll learn a heck of a lot along the way—and very likely emerge stronger and wiser than before....]]> No holds barred - One land-locked sailor has dedicated his life to ensuring access to sailing programs for all  Anyone who has grown up on the water knows the transformative power it has. It’s a classroom, a playground and a haven, a constantly evolving presence that can deliver whatever is needed, from job skills and life lessons to bonding, excitement and peace....]]> American sailing dream - An immigrant finds a home in sailing and shares his enthusiasm with at-risk kids

 People sail for many reasons. They spend time on the water to make memories with family and friends, to enjoy leisurely vacation days in far-off ports, to savor the thrill of competition, and even to forge careers. 

To Alaska, on a very little boat - Friends face the inaugural 750-mile race through the challenging Inside Passage on an 18-foot catamaran The sailing world is flush with professional races that operate like finely tuned machinery. So when a truly grassroots competition arrives on the scene, it’s a breath of fresh air among intrepid pull-ourselves-up-by-our-bootstraps adventurers who make up for their lack of deep pockets with their courage, persistence and irrepressible good humor....]]> They come bearing books - A cruising couple found a higher purpose and aims to change the lives of eastern Caribbean children When Harriet and Tom Linsky first took off aboard their 28-foot Bristol Channel Cutter for four years of liveaboard cruising, they expected to have a life-changing experience. What they didn't expect was to be deeply moved by the generosity of indigenous communities despite a profound lack of basic necessities. And while they knew they would go cru...]]> A family affair - A Florida family recognized sailing prowess in their daughter and has put her future in the sport at the top of their list of priorities  A family works together to help a promising young sailor...]]> On a sailing high - The commodore of the highest yacht club in North America found a love of sailing at altitude Sailors are an irrepressible lot. They won’t let a pesky little thing like being landlocked prevent them from getting out on the water. There’s always a way, and it just might prove to be a world-...]]>