Sailing Magazine - Gear Tue, 16 Aug 22 00:00:00 -0400 en hourly 1 Med Kit - Adventure Medical Kits Marine 1000 Instead of assembling your own first aid kit, consider picking up one specifically designed for a marine environment and for the kind of sailing you do. Adventure Medical Kits’ Marine 1000 is suited...]]> Life Raft - Winslow Marine Super Light  Not every boat needs a life raft, but depending on where it sails it can be a great addition. Most life rafts pack small so they don’t take up a lot of room, but make sure they are stowed some...]]> Pyrotechnic - SOS Distress Light  Pyrotechnic flares are important to have onboard, but adding an electric “flare” to the safety kit can be easier for all crewmembers to use and it never expires. The SOS Distress Light, whic...]]> Sound the alarm - Fox Micro Whistle  The cheapest piece of safety gear might just be the most important thing you carry on a boat. Whistles have proven their value in man overboard situations. Those without a “pea” that will ke...]]> Light up the night - Navisafe Navi  A personal flashlight is a must-have if you are doing any nighttime sailing, but using one that is waterproof and has a strobe function makes it a safety device as well. One problem with many po...]]> Inflatable PFD - Spinlock Deckvest 5D  Life jackets have become highly specialized, so investing in your own, rather than using whatever a boat may have available, is a good idea. You can customize the fit, but more importantly you c...]]> Cut it loose - Spyderco Assist Salt Knife  Few boats are without at least one knife, but when you need a knife in an emergency, you need it immediately. Sailors should carry a folding blade that can be opened one-handed. The Assist Salt ...]]> Multifunction displays  A new series of multifunction displays from Garmin include a host of new features, including Garmin SailAssist that provides data, display and prerace guidance, built-in sonar on some model...]]> Compact mooring winch The Compact Light Retractable Mooring Winch from Harken stows flush completely below deck, but is significantly smaller, taking up about half the space of similar winches on the market. It also weighs...]]> Sunscreen for sailors Skin-safe and reef-safe mineral sunscreen Harken Derm was designed by dermatologist Dr. Edit Olasz Harken specifically for sailors. The mineral sunscreen reflects the sun’s damaging rays before they...]]> New radar technology B&G has lightened up their radars and given them a low-profile dome with their new HALO24 pulse compression radar. The radar offers multiple range options, up to 48 nautical miles and can process ...]]> Waterproof racing gear Gill’s new Race Fusion Jacket doesn’t compromise on style, comfort or technology. Made from three layers of waterproof and breathable fabric, this jacket, made for active sailors includes a high-v...]]> Adhesive handholds Edson has redesigned its ComfortGrips into adhesive strips, allowing them to be easily placed wherever a handhold requires cushioning and better grip. The kits come in 8-inch and 12-inch strips and ha...]]> Electric furler Selden’s new push-button furler has the great advantage of being easily retrofittable on existing Selden Furlex furlers. The Furlex Electric uses a 48-volt electric motor that, by using the included...]]> Inflatable PFD Spinlock’s new VITO life jacket and harness is a version of the life jacket Volvo Ocean Race sailors wore that has been modified for every day sailors. It features a hydrostatic automatic inflator, ...]]> Compact durable camera The new GoPro HERO7 is petite, waterproof without a special housing and incorporates HyperSmooth video stabilization for sailing videos ready to go viral. It captures Ultra HD 4K resolution video at u...]]> Heads HeadsStart with the right toilet then add the waste-management method that works best for youSailors like refitting sails, rigging and electronics, anything but heads. Heads are not sexy, not fast and not fun. But the high-tech advancements in toilets and marine sanitation systems restore bragging rights to the heads. Let's face it, for a weekend of coastal cruising a nice head could be more impor...]]> Electric and Hybrid Motors Quiet, clean and economical are just some of the benefits of 'green' auxiliary power I hardly use a tank of fuel in an entire season," the purist sailor boasts, gleeful about all the money he or she is saving by running the inboard just long enough to leave the harbor. Thrift isn't the only reason purists don't like the iron genny. Inboards are noisy, they vibrate and they stink, especially if ...]]> Cabin Bedding Create a more comfortable berth with a new mattress or by adding a few simple upgrades Iam currently reading, for the first time, John Caldwell's Desperate Voyage, his account of sailing solo across the Pacific Ocean following World War II. I just got to the part where, during a hurricane, he pitches his bunk mattress overboard and spends the next 1,000 miles with nothing but a perpetually wet bl...]]>