Sailing Magazine - Documentation Tue, 16 Aug 22 00:00:00 -0400 en hourly 1 Search Engine Friendly (SEF) URLs Search engines interpret URLs as part of their effort to understand the subject, authority, and relevance of the content tied to that URL.The kind of URLs generated by Joomla and other CMS applications used to confuse search engines because they offer little semantic content, and there is more than one possible URL that will display approximately the same page content. An option to generate "Searc...]]> Menus, Pages, Templates and Modules {slide=Core Concept: What Makes a Page in Joomla?}In database-driven websites like those created with Joonla, pages are generated "on the fly." The URLs Joomla generates do not refer to files on the webserver. They are actually commands that are interpreted as database queries asking for X content from component Y (and its own taxonomies) under menu item A. There are no web pages in the form of s...]]> Creating, Placing and Managing Ads and other Modules {slide=The Banner Component}The Banners component is a simple, basic, yet fairly robust advertising management extension that is part of the Joomla core/default installation. It does not allow automated ad purchasing, more than basic statistical reporting (impressions, clicks, and CPM), or user control of the ad system from the frontend, but it is easy and quick to use. To use Banners, you will ne...]]> Geocoding Some extensions make use of geocoding to plot location data on a map, such as the location of event venues and events themselves within the EventList calendar component. The AlphaContent plugin will also place popup maps in articles and within AlphaContent index/search results if you turn on its geocoding function. You will need to provide latitude/longitude coordinates to extensions that do not ...]]> Access Permission and User Management {tab=The ACL}Joomla's Access Control List (ACL) offers fixed roles-based permissions for 7 user types or levels: Registered Users, Authors, Editors, Publishers, Managers,Administrators, and Super Administrators. These levelsare described in detailhere. The first three have frontend access only. The last three have access to the administrative backend but only Super Administrators have access to ev...]]> Typography {slide=Xtypo styles}The xTypo plugin offers some additional typographical featues that can be inserted into articles via bracketted commands like any other plugin. Click here for a PDF of the xTypo commands and example output. {/slide}{slide=Template Styles}Certain typographical enhancements are part of the master template's style sheets and can be used by coding references to their appropriate ...]]>