Sailing Magazine - Perry on Design Mon, 15 Aug 22 00:00:00 -0400 en hourly 1 First 36 - The revival of Beneteau’s First series of racer-cruisers continues with this midsized family boat This new Beneteau First model was designed by a team led by Kristian Hajnsek. Samuel Manuard, known for his Class 40 and IMOCA 60 class racers did the basic design. Structural design came from Pure De...]]> HH 44 - This sexy looking cruising cat was designed for speed At first glance at the 2D sailplan this 44-foot catamaran appears to be a stubby and kind of awkward looking cat. But don’t be fooled. Add the third dimension, the depth and the complex geometry of ...]]> PC 55 - A wolf in sheep’s clothing, this classic cruiser is deceptively powerful Here’s an elegant design from the Hoek design office in Holland for Performance Classic Yachts in the United Kingdom. The company has built a series of Hoek designs in Turkey that have proven quite ...]]> Ollie - This beautiful daysailer will be created by build-it-yourselfers I was cruising around on Facebook one day and I saw a boat that jumped out at me. It was a great looking boat and very nicely drawn. Clearly the designer had some well honed skills and a good eye...]]> Lagoon 55 - This cruising catamaran has room for a crowd to sail in comfort I don’t know if many of you have heard the story of how I got my job as “technical editor” of SAILING but I’ll tell it again. It’s a funny story.It was late in 1974 and SAILING Editor M...]]> Balance 482 - With a emphasis on performance, this cruising catamaran doesn’t skimp on comfort and styling I understand that it is difficult to sell boats from two-dimensional working drawings for a new design. Many sailors have trouble reading 2D drawings and need 3D renderings to understand the new ...]]> Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 380 - This good-looking family cruiser’s deck is laid out for easy sailing Now let’s see what Marc Lombard, the same designer as the Oceanis 31.4 can do when you give him a very similar design brief and an additional 2 feet 8 inches of additional hull length. Looking at th...]]> Beneteau Oceanis 34.1 - This swift family cruiser is handsome and thoughtfully laid out Holy cow! My editor has given me two new French boats to review this month, the Oceanis 34.1 by Beneteau and the Sun Odyssey 380 by Jeanneau. I had to study these two boats carefully to even tell them...]]> Hylas 57 - This elegant cruiser is meant for ocean sailing When I was 15, I worked in a meat market, Ray’s Meats, after school. My walk home would take me past an old-fashioned drug store that had an extensive assortment of magazines including at least four...]]> J/45 - With a racer-cruiser pedigree, this performance cruiser will make speedy offshore passages Sometimes when I listen to an old Jackson Brown album, I get the feeling that Mr. Brown had been following me around taking notes. I get a similar feeling when I look at a new J/Boats cruising design....]]> BP 28 - After 50 years and hundreds of designs, Bob Perry revisits one of his classics and redesigns it for the modern era It was 1973. I had left my job drawing ferrocement boat plans for Jay Benford and was headed to Boston to work for Dick Carter—my dream job. I never bought into the ferrocement “craze” that Benf...]]> Bali 4.2 - This comfortable cruising cat has plenty of space for three couples to lounge about I try to keep my reviews objective. I don’t always succeed. If I see what I consider to be a “design flaw” I’ll point it out. But aesthetics are so subjective. I hesitate to impose my sen...]]> Kinetic 54 - This new cruising catamaran boasts good performance with comfortable living space Let’s add 12 feet to the LOA and see what designers Simonis Voogd can do with an LOA of 54 feet 3 inches. I think the main difference between this big cat built by Kinetics Catamarans and the Bali 4...]]> Jeanneau 60 - This powerful performance cruiser has speed and style for world cruising Here’s a big, stylish cruising boat from Jeanneau with the focus on comfort. The Jeanneau Yacht 60 is designed by Philippe Briand, a very accomplished designer of both racing and cruising boats.Look...]]> Hallberg-Rassy 50 - With all kinds of bells and whistles available, this cruiser can make ocean passages in comfort I always enjoy getting a new Hallberg-Rassy model to review. I like German Frers hull designs and the layouts and decks of the H-R boats are always very well thought out. This new model at 50 fee...]]> Shogun 50 - The racer-cruiser is 200% fast and comfortable I frequently ask my editor Greta to give me something interesting and different to review. Well, I got my wish this month. This new design by Oscar and Haken Södergren is really different. If yo...]]> Oyster 495 - The raised-saloon cruiser has creature comforts for two couples Here’s a new Oyster model that is about the same LOA as the Shogun 50, but this is a cruising boat with no pretense to being a race boat. Oyster did not invent the raised saloon configuration. ...]]> Dehler 38SQ - This racer-cruiser puts the focus on speed with a slick deck layout This month we have two new European builds to review, the Dehler 38 SQ and the Dufour 430 Grand Large. It would be nice to compare the differences in the two designs, but most of the differences are i...]]> Dufour 430 - Sleek performance cruiser checks all the right boxes for offshore sailing Dufour is one of the oldest French production builders still in business. In 1974 I raced a Dufour Arpege in the Chicago-Mackinac race. The Arpege was an older design at that time. This latest Dufour,...]]> Jeanneau Yacht 60 This month we have two very nice cruising boats to review. It’s hard these days to clearly define “cruising boat.” My definition is any boat that you can cruise. That leaves a lot of latitude.&n...]]> Lyman-Morse 46 - The modern cold-molded cruiser has speed and style for fast passages Here’s a handsome new design by my friend Kevin Dibley. Kevin is a very good designer and a nice guy. The builder is Lyman-Morse and the company’s pedigree goes back many years. I have been to tha...]]> Catana OC - This elegant cruising catamaran has speed and sailability The French catamaran builder Catana started building cruising cats 20 years ago, and at that time, cruising cats were far from mainstream. If you went to the Annapolis boat show back then you might se...]]> Leopard 42 - With clever interior design, this new cruising cat feels bigger than 42 feet Leopard Catamarans has 25 years of cruising catamaran experience. The result is this new 42-foot model that builds off the success of the Leopard 40 model along with advances in styling made with the ...]]> Sea Hawk FC 37 - When a designer takes on a crowd as a client, the result is an offshore cruiser that pleases the masses I was cruising through Facebook one morning and I saw a post that referenced a “Robert Perry Yacht Design Fan Club.” I thought it must be a joke, so I did a search. I found a very well-compos...]]> Excess 11 - The fresh thinking behind this cruising cat results in a good looking speedster This new catamaran was designed by VPLP with an interior design from Patrick Le Quement. Like almost all cruising cats the profile is a bit brutal and this is a function of pulling all the beam—21 f...]]> Beneteau Oceanis 40.1 - This new cruiser has a large array of options sure to please every sailor Here’s a new Beneteau Oceanis model that ticks all the boxes. About the only thing I can see that’s not offered is a hard dodger and that would be hard to work in with this deck plan. The thing th...]]> Café Racer - With elan and speed, this luxury daysailer will turn heads We have two high-performance daysailers to review this month. Both boats are promoted as daysailers, which begs the question: “Exactly what is a daysailer?” Is it a boat you sail during the day? A...]]> Melges 15 - This new daysailer has performance for all ages If my buddy calls and invited me for a sail aboard his new daysailer I think I have a pretty good idea what to expect and how to prepare for the day. I’d bring some bottled water, sunscreen, a sandw...]]> Pelagic 77 - This expedition schooner has the right stuff for high-latitude sailing Every month I pester my editor Greta, “Find me something interesting. Find me something I can sink my teeth into.” Well, this month she has outdone herself. Thanks Greta. I think the most fun for ...]]> DH 550 - With speed and comfort, this catamaran can be build built by a home builder Here’s an unusual catamaran project from my old friend Dudley Dix. It’s unusual because the client was Phil Harvey, builder of the Gunboat cats in South Africa, Dudley’s previous home. Dudley an...]]>