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Gifts for Sailors

2023 November 1

SAILING’s editors pick their favorite gifts ideas sailors of all stripes

Outboard sling

Anyone who has tried to pass an outboard motor from a wobbly dinghy to a person on deck knows that it’s an unpleasant task with the potential for disaster. The Barton Marine outboard sling attaches to the motor to help balance it and make it easier to lift onboard, either manually or with the assistance of a block and tackle. Sore backs be gone. $55, www.bartonmarine.com

Nautical jewelry


A different take on familiar hoop earrings offers a nautical twist showing off the knot that all sailors know: the bowline. Secure clasps ensure that these Bowline Dangle earrings aren’t going anywhere. $1,100, 


Trimmer’s delight

Delight the racing trimmer in your life with the ultimate care package of a pair of Harken’s super smooth, friction defying 57mm Zircon blocks, that feature industrial ceramic ball bearings mounted inside caged races so they don’t bunch up, and a pair of Harken Reflex gloves, with double thick palm material that dries soft and fits snugly thanks to durable nylon spandex backs. Gloves, $46, blocks, $68 each, www.harken.com

Great for the grillmaster

A marine grill that functions as stove and oven as well will not only meet the approval of a favorite sailing griller, but also work great for smaller boats without a full galley. Magma’s Marine Kettle 3 Combination Stove has an electronic ignition system, a safety shell to keep the outside of the grill cooler and a patented heat distribution system for even cooking even in strong wind. Comes with a plate system and grill rack for all kinds of cooking. $300, www.magma.com

Sailing art

SAILING Magazine Contributing Photographer Onne van der Wal is known around the world for his stunning sailing photography. Some of his most popular photos are available as aluminum mini prints. Each 11-by-17-inch piece is printed on 1/16-inch aluminum in a matte, glossy or sheer aluminum finish and a 3/4-inch inset frame with a French cleat for hanging. $179, www.vanderwal.com

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