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America's Cup for All

2023 October 1

A new series of races gives women and young sailors opportunity for foiling in Barcelona

Reineke said there are a lot of positive signs for women sailors competing at the highest level.

“Though our sport is just in the beginning phase of women stepping foot into these programs, the stage has been set. As a strategist on the US SailGP Team, I have gained invaluable experience from my time on the boat,” Reineke said. “Nothing compares to going out on a high-performance boat, learning first hand, making mistakes and executing. SailGP and the Women’s America’s Cup have broken ground by creating these opportunities for women.”

Twenty-three-year-old sailor Ford McCann was at the Newport event competing for a spot on the youth team. McCann graduated from Georgetown University with a double major in Finance and  Management. He won the college singlehanded national championship in 2021. He said the Youth America’s Cup Regatta is an opportunity to make the jump into the highest professional echelon of our sport. 

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