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September 2023

2023 September 1

Table of Contents


All for one, one for all, in the Abacos

An all-woman bareboat charter in the Bahamas becomes a team effort where learning and having fun are the best parts

Island hopping in the Med

Sailing a Freedom 33 from France to Greece in two weeks is no small feat, but an eager crew gets it done and enjoys the islands along the way

Allure of Anguilla

A charter cruise through the waters off St. Martin offers sparkling waters, delectable food and unsurpassed relaxation


For Openers

Full and By:An old sailboat and Old Glory dignify a powerboat parade

On the Wind: America’s Cup crew may not be sailors, at least they are human beings

Splashes: Racing to Halifax in challenging current

The Wharf: Brokerage, charters and other sailing related goods and services

Boats & Gear 

Gear: Great cruising gear

Technique: How to co-own a boat

Boat Doctor: Installing running backstays

Perry on Design: The next gen racer-cruiser M.A.T. 12.2 and the cruiser Beneteau Oceanis 37.1

Used Boat Notebook: The Beneteau 405 is full of classic French charm

On the Cover 

The Moorings 4000 Blue Prairie heads across the Sea of Abaco. Turn to “All for one, one for all in the Abacos,”  to read more about this charter cruising paradise.