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Gifts for Sailors

2022 November 1

The perfect something for all the sailors on your holiday gift giving list

Hands-free drinks on the go

Trips to the boat or the beach will be easier with the cooler backpack. The Yeti Hopper M20 holds about 18 cans with ice to keep them cool, $325. www.yeti.com

Satellite messenger

A satellite communicator that can send emergency messages, two-way messages and share a location offers peace of mind. A satellite subscription is required with the inReach Mini 2 communicator, $400.


Boat-proof drinkware

Glasses that live on a boat need to be almost bulletproof, and these shatterproof, BPA-free rugged stemless wine glasses fit the bill, with a thumb depression for easy holding, making even cocktail hours at sea a breeze, $25 for four. www.govino.com

Responsible seafood

Fish lovers will be thrilled to receive this responsibly sourced seafood sampler, which includes three kinds of wild salmon, four cans of seasoned mackerel, Spanish anchovies and a selection of seasoned farmed mussels raised according to EU Organic standards, $120. www.patagoniaprovisions.com

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